Program Deadlines

  • Adding Students to Tuition Rewards - Students must be registered in Tuition Rewards by August 31st of the year that the student begins 12th grade. For example, if the student graduates from high school in 2025, the deadline to add the student to Tuition Rewards is August 31, 2024. In 10th and 11th grade in high school there are significant bonus points available to students, so don’t wait until the last minute!
  • Earning or Receiving Tuition Rewards - The last day that a student can earn or receive (from sponsors or other sources) Tuition Rewards is August 31st of the year that the Student begins 12th grade. This includes sponsors transferring Tuition Rewards into a student’s account as well as students earning bonus points directly.
  • Submitting (redeeming) Tuition Rewards - A student’s Tuition Rewards must be submitted to a member college within ten (10) days of the student’s application to that college. Rewards do not have to be submitted all at once if a student is applying to multiple colleges over a few weeks or months.