Information for Employers

Attract talent. Retain talent. Motivate talent.

These are the goals that the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards program helps fulfill.

Envision an exceptional employee benefits program designed to captivate, retain, and empower top-tier talent. Tuition Rewards is an innovative and budget-conscious solution that alleviates the financial strain of higher education expenses for your valued employees and their families.

Tuition Rewards is an unparalleled offering that not only amplifies job contentment within your organization but also propels your company to the forefront of talent attraction and retention. By investing in your employees’ educational pursuits, you’re fostering a culture of growth, loyalty, and motivation, ultimately cultivating a workforce that’s driven to excel and innovate.

Stand out as an employer of choice, dedicated to supporting the aspirations of your team members while reinforcing your position as a visionary leader in the industry. With Tuition Rewards, you’re not just investing in education; you’re investing in the future success of both your employees and your organization.

How To Offer Our Programs

Employers can extend our program to employees through two distinct avenues. Firstly, if your existing employee benefits are facilitated by Highmark, Independence Blue Cross or United Concordia, chances are our program is already to you and your employees. Simply review your employee benefits details for “The College Tuition Benefit” or call us at 1-888-222-0550 or email us for eligibility confirmation.

For employers not affiliated with these national providers, direct enrollment is available via SAGE Scholars Employer Direct Program.

I could not believe that this program was available to me…

I was introduced to this program when I started my new job and signed up for benefits and I could not believe that this program was available to me. I immediately signed my daughter up and I am thrilled with the points system and the ability to add other family members friends. This is a fabulous program! I am extremely pleased and the registration was simple. Thank you!

Christal G., Harvest, AL

Advantages for Employers

  • Cost-Effective Employee Benefit — Participating employers pay only a small annual fee, not the cost of the scholarships. Annual fees to employers start at under $2.00 per employee, and can be billed directly to your company credit card!
  • Tuition Rewards — For over 25 years, our flagship Tuition Rewards program has empowered families to achieve their higher education dreams. Through this program, families have secured over $800 million in guaranteed minimum tuition discounts.
  • SAGE Scholars FastTrak® — Imagine the satisfaction employees will have when they find out that colleges can apply directly to their student family members! At SAGE Scholars, we’ve pioneered a method to seamlessly connect our outstanding SAGE Scholars students to institutions that resonate with their individual learning aspirations. With FastTrak, member colleges & universities can directly recruit an employee’s student family member—eliminating the need for lengthy applications, essays, and the usual stresses of the college application process.
  • SAGE Prime® — With SAGE Prime, every employee can access a minimum discount of 10% on non-traditional and continuing education courses at selected member colleges and universities. While Tuition Rewards focuses on undergraduate studies, SAGE Prime is tailored for adult program participants.
  • SAGE Secure® — All of your employees are eligible for SAGE Secure. SAGE Secure is the first no-cost accidental death benefit for the family of students enrolled in any of our SAGE Scholars member colleges and universities.
  • Additional Benefits for EmployeesLearn more about the additional programs and benefits, such as ReadySetCollege, Market Cap & Gown, and exclusive education content found only in our Article Library, that is available to all employees.

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