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By: Ananya Pasunuri — August 31, 2022
Your high school years will have ups and downs, but not one day goes by where you don't learn something about yourself or a lesson that will help you in the future. To help ease the nerves, I break down some cliches and give you a guide to high school.
By: Ananya Pasunuri — August 31, 2022
Welcome back to yet another episode of High School 101-just kidding! It's back-to-school season! And most likely, you have survived your first day. If you haven't started yet, good luck! It's time to talk about studying. Ah yes, the dreaded topic of time management and educational efficiency. Just a few simple tips, however, can transform how you approach your classes and improve grades.
By: Ananya Pasunuri — January 4, 2023
This article covers the pros and cons of employment as a high schooler.
By: Ananya Pasunuri — December 7, 2022
This article dives into detail about studying more efficiently and enjoying it.