Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish

Dr. Gwendolyn M. Parrish is a graduate of MSU, where she received a BA in Elementary Education and an MS in Educational Leadership. Maria has more than ten years of experience in the classroom and two years as a high school vice-principal. Maria is a graduate of Capella University, where she completed a Ph.D. program in Curriculum and Instruction and Administration. She has also been a writing consultant for Capella for the past three years and enjoys working with learners of all ages. Her philosophy of education is that everyone can achieve their educational goals with a little support!

Articles By Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish

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By: Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish — August 16, 2022
No matter what assignment you are required to complete, a few rules will be critical to your success. Use them as a guideline for academic success.
By: Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish — February 7, 2023
Now that you have enrolled in your school of choice, you need to start researching banks that offer the best rates for students so that you can begin managing your money effectively.
By: Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish — November 30, 2022
A non-traditional student is anyone who did not enter a college or university directly from high school. Reports in higher education have proven that this is becoming a new norm for campuses nationwide.
By: Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish — June 20, 2022
This two-part series will explain the benefits of the Federal Work-Study program as well as how to use the Career Center during your educational journey.
By: Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish — August 31, 2022
This article will give you information on continuing your education beyond an undergraduate degree.
By: Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish — March 27, 2023
As a parent, you may know the feeling: you wake up one day and realize that your kids are all grown up and living on their own. If you want to get over that empty nest feeling - here are a few steps you can take.
By: Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish — July 10, 2022
It is likely that while you are managing course assignments and moving along your educational journey, you have had little time to consider all of your career options after graduation. While you probably have career goals you want to accomplish, you may not know where to start. This is when the Career Center is helpful. The primary purpose of this college resource is to help you master the required skills necessary to succeed in your search for a new career after graduation. The Career Center is the perfect starting point for finding your career path and preparing for your future job search success.
By: Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish — January 25, 2023
You may be hearing a lot about financial wellness right now, and it's more than just a buzzword. There's a lot that goes into building a solid and secure financial future. Learn all you may need to know, and those things you didn't know you needed, here.
By: Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish — August 9, 2022
There are times when a student may need support completing required academic assignments. They often do not seek help because they are unsure where to turn or whom to speak to about their issues. Students who need additional support to meet the academic standards of their university successfully can get assistance from the office for students with disabilities. This service ensures that all course materials are accessible to all students, regardless of specialized learning needs. Qualified students can receive many helpful resources to help them confidently complete their program requirements. Also, the tips and tricks they teach you may help your career.
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