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I am currently a full time instructor at a William Penn University, a small private university in Iowa. I am the lone political science faculty member there. In my time teaching, I have already connected with an incredible cohort of students in ways I could never have expected. Partnering with SAGE will allow me the opportunity to help even more students across the globe navigate those tricky questions. When I am not on campus or writing for SAGE, I can be found playing golf or watching college basketball.

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By: Xavier Royer — September 1, 2022
This article will offer four uses for those odd time windows that can help manage time and reduce stress.
By: Xavier Royer — January 11, 2023
This article provides a series of questions to help those facing the conundrum of which minor to choose.
By: Xavier Royer — August 9, 2022
While students may experience it in unique ways, failure, to some extent, is inevitable.
By: Xavier Royer — November 21, 2022
Most students come to college with a few tools already developed in high school, but probably not enough to breeze through their university career. Students should be conscious of their current toolbox and always look to expand, refine, and improve it.
By: Xavier Royer — November 16, 2022
Midterms are an excellent checkpoint for students to stop, reflect, and evaluate the first half of the semester to increase their chances of success in the second half.
By: Xavier Royer — January 24, 2023
Every university system has a pyramid that begins with very large, broad entities that then breaks down into more specific programs and departments. This article will explain how all of this works.
By: Xavier Royer — August 9, 2022
This is the fourth in a series of articles designed for new students. If you are an incoming freshman or parent of one, you may want to check out my previous articles on registering for your first semester classes, how to spend your first week on campus, and a particularly good companion to this article, how to embrace failure.
By: Xavier Royer — July 20, 2022
This series of articles are intended to provide a roadmap to navigating your college transition and first semester.
By: Xavier Royer — October 12, 2022
Intramurals can lead to great campus memories. For many, it gives them the outlets for their competitive nature that used to be fulfilled by high school sports. Understanding the culture of intramural sports can help students have a more consistently fulfilling experience.
By: Xavier Royer — January 11, 2023
When researching or visiting universities, there are hundreds of different ways to evaluate the university, and finding the best fit can be difficult. This article will evaluate rankings and their large effect on students' impressions of a university.
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