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Britney Cox is a writer from Huntington, WV. She has two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Literary Studies and Creative Writing. She is currently working on her Masters in English, and she plans to pursue her doctorate eventually in hopes of becoming a professor (though her longtime dream is to work in the entertainment industry). Her passions include reading, writing, theatre, and listening to Taylor Swift.

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By: Britney Cox — August 4, 2022
All of the exciting things are starting to happen! You have received your admissions letter in the mail. You have accepted your admissions decision and figured out your financial aid. Next up? The daunting task of deciding your living arrangements. First, you have to choose your physical living arrangements. Do you choose a dorm on campus or an off-campus apartment? We are sure you have read all about the benefits of living on campus in a dorm, and not only this, but most colleges require you to live on campus any where from one to two years. There is another issue at hand: how do you pick a roommate?
By: Britney Cox — August 4, 2022
It’s finally time to start applying to college! You have everything you need to start—transcripts, personal essays, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), personal information, and video submissions. Once you begin submitting all the needed documents, you are stopped by a page asking for your banking information or a credit card. Colleges often charge you to apply to their programs. College application fees can vary, anywhere from $10 to $100, depending on where you apply. Though this may not seem like a lot, these fees start to add up if you apply to multiple programs and colleges. Not to mention, you have likely already paid to take the ACT or SAT, courses to take those tests, and trips to those colleges. All the fees can intimidate a student from a low-income family, but these costs do not have to be a barrier to access. Many colleges offer waived fees to students for low-income families, and colleges often offer deals through emails and at certain times of the year.
By: Britney Cox — August 30, 2022
This article will help you shop for the things you need that last throughout your college experience.
By: Britney Cox — March 20, 2023
Setting boundaries can be extremely difficult, especially if you are a people pleaser. This article will show you some scenarios and how you can navigate these scenarios to make you a better student and friend.
By: Britney Cox — August 29, 2022
This article will attempt to help reduce the number of items you bring to college, highlighting only the essentials for your dorm room and your college experience.
By: Britney Cox — July 13, 2022
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While navigating the college experience, one of the more difficult challenges is understanding your study habits and how you learn. It can be easy to assume that your study habits will remain the same as in high school. However, college presents with different challenges that might throw you off about what you understand as studying. The key to effective studying is finding out how you learn and how you can make your learning process a reality. This can be a trial-and-error process as there is no way to know how you study best automatically. There are often several factors when it comes to how you learn: comfort, environment, noise levels, music, and time management.
By: Britney Cox — October 24, 2022
This article will explain the different types of graduate school programs, what they mean, and what type of education you may need to receive acceptance.
By: Britney Cox — January 26, 2023
Requesting an extension from your instructor or professor can be intimidating. You might worry it will make you look irresponsible or that they will doubt your reasons. Before you ask for an extension on an assignment, check this article out.
By: Britney Cox — November 2, 2022
This article will attempt to give you the resources and advice to continue your education as someone who has been in this situation.
By: Britney Cox — September 1, 2022
This article helps you build your college schedule for your second semester and get you ready for beyond your second semester.
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