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Kennae Hunter is a freelance writer for SAGE Scholars, Inc. She recently graduated college one year ago with her bachelor’s degree in mass communications and is following her dreams of being a reporter. Hunter has a passion for writing and does so in her free time along with reading a variety of genres of books. She hopes to inform the community on all things about college to make their experience just as enjoyable as hers.

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By: Kennae Hunter — August 9, 2022
At any university, if you were to ask a few random students how they view campus life, the responses would be mixed. Some may say their college experience is the best experience ever, and others may say it is boring. The college experience is unique, and the student at hand will only be able to look back and say they enjoyed college if they take it upon themselves to make the best of the experience.
By: Kennae Hunter — October 28, 2022
Whether you want to become more productive, boost your mindfulness, learn new topics, or organize your university schedule, we've got just the mobile app you’re looking for.
By: Kennae Hunter — March 6, 2023
This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of living on and off campus.
By: Kennae Hunter — October 11, 2022
In the worst situations, some roommates get into avoidable arguments or altercations. Your dorm or apartment is your home for the time being, and it is important to feel comfortable and safe in your space.
By: Kennae Hunter — October 12, 2022
Campus counseling centers offer multiple services to students. A unique aspect of college mental health centers is that all services are 100% free for all students, which is why all students should give it a try.
By: Kennae Hunter — March 13, 2023
Professors have designated times during the week set aside specifically for students in their course, commonly known as office hours. If you are unsure of the benefits of going to your professor's office hours, consider the ways below as good reasoning to set a meeting with your professor.
By: Kennae Hunter — November 14, 2022
The college application process is a meaningful journey that encourages you to reflect on yourself and your interests. The steps provided in this article will guide you through the application process.
By: Kennae Hunter — August 30, 2022
When choosing courses for the upcoming semester, know which version of the course meeting is best for you. Most universities offer multiple ways to take courses, whether in person (also known as face-to-face) or online - when all class meetings and assignments are 100 percent virtual.
By: Kennae Hunter — January 30, 2023
There are many alternatives for students to ensure their transportation needs are met, even without a car. This article contains a few tips for students to consider.
By: Kennae Hunter — July 20, 2022
When a person grows up as an only child or with a large age gap between siblings, many autonomous activities and decisions will be performed and made. Most universities require their first-year students to live on campus, which can be quite a big transition—from never sharing a room to looking at a stranger 24/7 on the other side of your dorm room. When I left my parents’ house to move two hours away, not only had I never been away from home before, but I never shared a room, or anything, since I am an only child. It was a coincidence that my first roommate was also an only child, so there was a lot of adapting on both sides. For perspective, we lived in a dorm room with a bed on each side of the room and a shared bathroom.
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