Sharon Callender

Rev. Sharon Callender is an interfaith minister, assistant registrar, and coach with certifications in life purpose, mindfulness & spiritual coaching. She specializes in helping individuals discover clarity, healing, and self-love through creative expression. Sharon is also a published fiction author and poet who is currently pursuing her Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree at The New Seminary.

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By: Sharon Callender — August 26, 2022
Starting anything new can be an exciting and challenging adventure for anyone. Confidence is the essential tool needed to step into any unknown endeavor courageously. Whether it is a new job, a competition, a presentation, or transitioning from high school to college, confidence is the secret sauce that keeps us focused and able to thrive.
By: Sharon Callender — November 30, 2022
When you complete your FERPA proxy and understand your privacy rights, those seemingly small steps are helping you to become the leader of your life.
By: Sharon Callender — October 11, 2022
The blank page of a fresh start, whether in the form of a new roommate or living in off-campus housing for the first time, starting courses in your major, working at your first internship position, or even setting the intention to make the Dean’s List, can all morph into unexpected stressors. We may feel bombarded by internal and external pressure, and when that happens, our enthusiasm fades, and a feeling of overwhelm kicks in.
By: Sharon Callender — January 30, 2023
Applying a CEO mindset to your academic and personal life can positively influence your outlook and help you persevere when you feel challenged.
By: Sharon Callender — October 20, 2022
After enduring a tough semester, you may feel hesitation or anxiety about being in the classroom. Here are three ways to mentally and emotionally prepare for a successful return to college.
By: Sharon Callender — January 25, 2023
How do you overcome a sense of dread about participating in class and vocalizing your thoughts? Here are five simple confidence boosters you can use to support and encourage yourself to speak.
By: Sharon Callender — December 5, 2022
When parents practice CARE, they recognize their role in an amazing collaboration. As a parent who intentionally demonstrates concern, attentiveness, respect, and empathy for your college student, you create a healthy emotional climate conducive to their success and positive well-being.
By: Sharon Callender — August 29, 2022
It's a day of tears, joy, and pride. This turning point in your child's life is also a huge one for you. For most parents, it is a moment of reluctantly letting go. It's a day when the clock starts ticking, reality sets in, and you realize your child will not be home again until holiday break. There's no turning clocks back, even if some may want to linger in the past for a little longer.   
By: Sharon Callender — October 20, 2022
Being kind and loving to yourself is a direct route to healing and emotional health. Here are several tips to support your emotional wellness when you are dealing with life's ups and downs.
By: Sharon Callender — November 14, 2023
This article discusses effectively supporting your child while nurturing and growing your relationship with them.
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