Al Dickenson

Al Dickenson graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College with bachelor’s degrees in history, communication, and English. He currently serves as an editor for an international equine practitioners’ magazine in and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his hometown, where he lives with his wife. He also works as a freelance journalist, photographer, archivist, and historian, and he enjoys hiking and reading, particularly about history.

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By: Al Dickenson — January 18, 2023
I highly recommend reusing homework assignments and projects from high school and college to see if a portfolio can be built or skillsets showcased. As other Sage Scholars authors have mentioned, the work you do in college can launch your publishing career, even if you have no intention of pursuing a life of writing.
By: Al Dickenson — March 6, 2023
This article discusses the differences between some of the largest retirement savings accounts.
By: Al Dickenson — February 22, 2023
There are many considerations for choosing the school that is right for you. Consider the following questions when college shopping.
By: Al Dickenson — February 7, 2023
More often than not, offers given to you are rarely the best offer possible. Check this article out to learn how to advocate for yourself and obtain the best possible offer.
By: Al Dickenson — December 7, 2022
When applying for jobs or graduate schools, or even for your interest, the following eight hard skills can set you apart from the pack in the resume and interview department.
By: Al Dickenson — November 8, 2022
Audio/Visual work is used by many professions, including journalists, television marketers, and digital media workers. Here are some basic tips to improve your audio/visual skills and the quality of your work.
By: Al Dickenson — September 19, 2022
There are few things more daunting than starting college. One of those things is caring for a sick parent while in college. I have found some strategies which helped me achieve high grades while also keeping my mother taken care of.
By: Al Dickenson — April 26, 2023
Though it may not be everyone's first choice to go far away for college, international schooling is something people could consider, especially as the economy tightens and more schools close in the United States.
By: Al Dickenson — February 6, 2023
This article discusses the impact of being an active or reserve service man or woman has on your college education.
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