Adison Bollman

Adison Bollman was born and raised in smalltown Iowa and graduated from North Mahaska High School in New Sharon, Iowa in 2021. Adison currently attends William Penn University in Oskaloosa, Iowa as a double major in Political Science and History. Adison intends to pursue a career in journalism and civil rights advocacy with a long-term goal to join VICE Media. Adison is an avid Boston Celtics fan and has a passion for hip-hop, particularly Kendrick Lamar, and trivia. Adison articles help new students navigate through their college journey with emphasis on personal experiences and advice from professors and staff.

Articles By Adison Bollman

By: Adison Bollman — February 2, 2023
This article discusses the challenges that art majors must overcome to make their passion a career.
By: Adison Bollman — October 31, 2022
A career as an artist offers an opportunity to express yourself while also being a potentially lucrative career. There are several drawing course options available for art majors. These courses provide an in-depth look at drawing techniques and theory, as well as an opportunity to exhibit your work.
By: Adison Bollman — September 19, 2022
History is a valuable tool for all college courses. You will most likely learn history in some form or another throughout your college journey.
By: Adison Bollman — October 19, 2022
Art careers provide an opportunity to express oneself while also being a potentially lucrative career. Fine Arts majors can pursue their creative interests, learn new mediums, and improve their technical skills.
By: Adison Bollman — September 6, 2022
In this brief guide, readers will learn ways to save money for their dorm room needs.
By: Adison Bollman — October 3, 2022
Pursuing a creative arts degree may seem like a bad idea; the career options for those who earn this degree appear limited, to say the least. It’s not impossible, however. In fact, I know a man who has made a great living off his artwork thanks to his art degree. My father, Brant Bollman, is a professional artist. For this article, I asked him for advice he would give to burgeoning art students.