Nichole Brazelton

Nichole Brazelton is a professor of writing and humanities at Manchester Community College and a poet. Her creative works have been recognized as finalists for multiple literary awards, anthologized, and featured in national and international literary journals, including Marathon Literary Review, Sand Hills Literary Magazine, Canary, Landing Zone, and Hip Pocket Press. Her scholarly works have appeared in Educational Philosophy and Theory and the International Journal of Listening. Nichole's research primarily focuses on the pragmatics of human communication, narrative theory, and the rhetorical construction of the social and interpersonal. She believes in the practical and community-based mission, accessibility, and fiscal responsibility of the community college model. She has aligned her teaching, and communicative practices to best meet first-generation, adult, and returning students' practical, intellectual, and experiential needs.

Articles By Nichole Brazelton

By: Nichole Brazelton — March 28, 2023
This article discusses five of the most important things you can do to survive - and thrive in - a first-year course.
By: Nichole Brazelton — August 3, 2022
When listening to or reading general discussions across media platforms, I notice that "the humanities" are usually grouped and compared with, or set at odds against, fields like science, technology, trades, and business. When listening to my students, I frequently hear them echo the same talking points and express almost a disdain for the humanities. Comparing liberal arts courses against other courses has created a false dichotomy: a situation in which only a limited number of options are presented as mutually exclusive. As a result of this false dichotomy, some parents and students believe that liberal arts courses take the place of classes that would be more beneficial to students. In this article, I want to dispel that myth by looking at the value of humanities courses for students pursuing degrees in business, accounting, or leadership studies.
By: Nichole Brazelton — June 16, 2022
In this article, I hope to accomplish two goals. First, to clarify the many positives of liberal arts courses in general. Second, to break down the specific uses across various career fields of multiple subjects under the umbrella of liberal arts.
By: Nichole Brazelton — October 3, 2022
This article will take a look at what "soft skills" are, and why they matter in trade professions.