Lynne Blumberg

Lynne Blumberg has worked as an educator and academic advisor. She enjoys sharing insider tips with students and their families, so they are unintimidated by college policies and procedures. Lynne is also a lifelong learner. She believes education not only enhances career prospects, but also enriches personal lives.

Articles By Lynne Blumberg

By: Lynne Blumberg — February 22, 2023
This article lists the types of student aid provided for readers to consider, along with supplemental information from student aid websites.
By: Lynne Blumberg — April 24, 2023
Research has found that autonomy-supportive parents enable students to transition more successfully during their first college year.
By: Lynne Blumberg — January 18, 2023
This article discusses how students can prepare for their placement exams.