College Admissions

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By: Kennae Hunter — November 14, 2022
The college application process is a meaningful journey that encourages you to reflect on yourself and your interests. The steps provided in this article will guide you through the application process.
By: Al Dickenson — October 19, 2022
One of the most rewarding ways to begin your college career is by starting it in high school. College is a daunting experience, no doubt about it. High school is likewise a stretch of your life that may bring bad memories and experiences. Both school experiences may offer horror stories you will live with for your entire life. However, speaking from experience, you can reduce the number of scary experiences that could occur in your first year by beginning your college career while still attending high school.
By: Sharon Callender — October 12, 2022
When deciding to select a major, every college student feels the external and internal pressure to make the right choice. It's a decision that will not only impact what you will study over the next four years, but also your career path, what your salary range could potentially be, and the life you want to build. For some college students, choosing a major may feel uncomplicated because they've always known what they wanted to do. For others, it can be a time of intense internal deliberation and uncertainty.
By: Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish — October 12, 2022
Some students reach a specific point in their high school journey when they want to inquire about their college options and look for ways to get a head start on higher education classes. Dual enrollment opportunities allow students to gain some college credits while still in high school. This opportunity provides an excellent way for students to get college credits. It also meets your high school graduation requirements before graduating. Before you sign up for dual enrollment, consider these critical details and what it requires.
By: Adison Bollman — October 3, 2022
Pursuing a creative arts degree may seem like a bad idea; the career options for those who earn this degree appear limited, to say the least. It’s not impossible, however. In fact, I know a man who has made a great living off his artwork thanks to his art degree. My father, Brant Bollman, is a professional artist. For this article, I asked him for advice he would give to burgeoning art students.
By: SAGE Scholars — September 19, 2022
What if colleges applied to you? Seems counterintuitive, right? It’s not. Here’s why. Schools spend years preparing students for the college applications process. Families agonize over how to put the ‘best’ student forward. In the end, students and colleges expend a great deal of time and energy to find a mutually good fit. SAGE Scholars has found a better way to match highly qualified SAGE Scholars students with institutions that best align with their unique learning and life goals. FastTrak is our new approach to bridge the gap between students, families, and colleges while expediting the admissions process.
By: Xavier Royer — September 6, 2022
Not all teaching staff (which this article will refer to simply as "faculty," though note that faculty does include some administrative positions) at universities are created equally. Over time, a somewhat complex hierarchy has developed, and it is helpful for students to understand the different types of faculty with whom they will interact. This article describes the different positions of the faculty hierarchy, which credentials come with which titles and what differences may exist in how students interact with each type of faculty member.
By: Adison Bollman — September 6, 2022
Transitioning from high school to college can be quite challenging. The lifestyle change is quite stressful for incoming students, from adjusting to different class structures to living independently from their parents. For those moving on to campus, whether in dorms or apartments, the change may be hard to wrap one's head around. Financial independence is very stressful for new students, especially those who aren’t financially secure. In this brief guide, readers will learn ways to save money for their dorm room needs.
By: Dr. Gwendolyn Maria Parrish — August 31, 2022
Continuing your education beyond high school is a great way to increase your likelihood of getting the attention of hiring managers in your field of interest. You're ready to take the next step if you have completed your high school requirements and maintained a great GPA. Now, you have completed your undergrad degree and find yourself wanting to focus on a more specialized field by earning a master's degree. You are reviewing course catalogs to determine the best program to apply.
By: Britney Cox — August 30, 2022
Finding school supplies is one of the more exciting moments of returning to school. Shops display back-to-school stations that tempt us every time we walk through. However, college is a bit different than high school regarding necessary supplies. Some new supplies include laptops, notebooks, pens or pencils, a planner, folders, a stapler, and a printer. This article will help you shop for the things you need that last throughout your college experience.
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